Grafen is the brand under which Hendi Food Service Equipment sells their gas barbecues intended for professional use.


Grafen is the brand for top quality products for the professional user. The Inferno, Atlanta, Europe 3, Europe 6, Traiteur, Ronde Grande, Ronde Electric are the first items fort his new brand.

Hendi has nearly 40 years experience

For nearly 40 years Hendi has develops and produces professional gas barbecues for restaurant, butcher shops, catering and rental companies. All these years of experience result in gas grills that are robust, efficient and easy to use. All our gas grills use gas installations that meet the strictest requirements and are very safe to use.

Grafen gas barbecues are sold through dealers

Grafen professional barbecues are sold through exclusive dealerships. These dealers have been selected with care and have a lot of experience in selling large gas barbecues to butcher shops, restaurants, caterers and rental companies. Our dealers also provide service and maintenance if needed. Go to the dealer page

Interested in small gas grills?

Please check the Hendi website barbecues & heaters.