After each use, we advise to clean the barbecue (grill and burner) from grease. This prevents the risk of fire.

1 Replace the pressure regulator once every 10 years

The pressure regulator must be replaced every 10 years. The year of manufacture is printed on the regulator. Only let a qualified installer replace the pressure regulator.

For every use you should check if the rubber ring is in place and isn’t damaged. Also check the connections between the gas bottle and the pressure regulator and the gas hose to the barbecue on leaks. Use a brush and soapy water and look for bubbles indicating a leak. See the instruction manual for further instructions.

Gas hose replacement

2 Gas hose replacement

We recommend that you regularly replace the gas hose. The gas hose can discolor and get porous under weathering. PAY ATTENTION! There are local ordinances on how many years a gas hose can be used. The date of manufacture can be found on the hose.

When the gas hose is damaged, we recommend that you have the hose replaced immediately by a qualified installer. Only use an original gas hose as a replacement.

Cleaning lava rocks

3 Cleaning lava rocks

Lave rocks must be regularly boiled in soda water to remove fat residue. When used regular we recommend to clean it once a month. After use always turn the barbecue to maximum power to burn as much fat as possible from the rocks and grid.

ADVISE: If the lava rocks cool rapidly after turning of the burners the rocks aren’t porous anymore need cleaning.

When used intensively we recommend to replace the lava rocks regularly (at least once a year). Especially if you prepare a lot of marinated meat. Lava rocks are available in bags of 9 kg. Two bags are sufficient for a barbecue.

Cleaning the grid

4 Cleaning the grid

After finishing preparing food, let the burners burn on full power for about 10 minutes before turning the gas of. Most of the food residu will be burned of this way. Clean the grid with a wire brush when the grid is still warm. After cleaning apply a bit of sunflower oil, this way you are immediately ready to start the next time.

Or let your grid soak overnight in soapy water. The following day just brush of the food residue.

Grinding pads such as Scotch-Brite are ideal for removing grease and remnants of burnt food from your grid and barbecue.